Volcano Teide

On the second day after we got to Tenerife, we were at an overview excursion around the island and ascended to Teide.

At first landscapes were quite usual: earth is burned by the sun, on rare occasions succulents are seen. The higher we ascended, the more landscape changed. At clouds height there’s coniferous forest of Canary Island pine at Tenerife. Its needles are up to 30 cm long. The tree traps large amounts of water from cloudy moist air. Additionally this pine is the most fire-resistant conifers in the world: it adapted to life at volcano.

Черная лава и канарская сосна // Black lava and Canary Island Pine 1
This photo was taken above dense forest. Pines grow right at black lava.

Teide National Park is situated in caldera of the volcano. The size of the caldera is 16 × 9 km. This is what we saw at the first viewpoint:
Повсюду лава // Lava is everywhere 2
Lava is everywhere, a few plants grow here. In the distance one can see tops of pines.

Горы из лавы // Mountains of lava 3

Mount Teide:
Вершина Тейде // Peak of Teide 4

Further we went to a crying girl who lost her slipper:
Плачущая девушка и ее туфелька // Crying girl and her slipper 5

Crying girl:
Плачущая девушка, потерявшая туфельку // Crying girl who lost her slipper 6

Her slipper:
Туфелька // Slipper 7

Mountains of lava:
Осколки лавы // Rocks of Lava 8
These mountains are the edge of the caldera (crater of the volcano).

And again the summit of Teide:
Пик Тейде // Peak of Teide 9

In the south of Tenerife it rained on the previous day, at the same time it snowed at the summit of the volcano therefore the summit is white:
Седая вершина Тейде // White peak of Teide 10

Road along the crater of the volcano:
Дорога по кратеру // Road in crater 11

Here we got the most famous viewpoint: Roques de García:
Стоянка // Parking 12

Roques de García:
Roques de García 13

The summit of Teide in snow:
Пик Тейде, засыпаный снегом // Peak of Teide in snow 14
You can see the ropes of the cable car to the summit.

To prevent damage to the plants growing near the volcano, it is prohibited to walk beyond the fenced paths:
Не ходить по газонам // No entry zone 15

The most famous view in Tenerife: Roque Cinchado and the Summit of Teide:
Cinchado y Pico del Teide 16

This rock is called “finger” of the volcano, and even phallus 🙂 Some say it’s a bear playing accordion.
Cinchado 17

Roques de García 18

Скала из лавы // Rock of lava 19

Something grows here:
Тут что-то растет // Something grows here 20

Кратер вулкана:
Кратер вулкана // Crater of Vulcano 21
Mountains on the left and in the front are the edge of the crater. There is lava solidified in waves.

Roques de García; Pico Viejo, Pico del Teide 22
Roques de García; Pico Viejo on the left in the distance, and Pico del Teide on the right.

Roque Cinchado y Pico del Teide 23

Parking of buses and cars, and road:
Стоянка и дорога // Parking and road 24

We went further to landscapes of Mars, or of Moon: Minas de San José:
Марсианский, или лунный, пейзаж // Landscape of Mars, or of Moon 25

Tongue of lava:
Язык лавы // Tongue of lava 26

Язык лавы // Tongue of lava 27

Red road:
Красная дорога // Red-brick road 28

Landscapes like in Mars:
Марсианский пейзаж // Landscape of Mars 29

Зелено-красное поле // Green-red field 30

Then we called at a small café on the way, where we drank Zaperoco coffee with liqueur and condensed milk:
Стаканчик Сапероко // Glass of Zaperoco 31

I couldn’t find much about Zaperoco in the Internet. All I’ve been able to find is only one mention.

Another variation of Canary Islands coffee is Barraquito, this variation is more popular. I’ve found its recipes:

As far as I understand the difference between Zaperoco and Barraquito is in title and different liqueurs used, and in variations of spices added.

Be sure to taste it. Very delicious! It warms you up as it’s cold at the volcano: the sun shines brightly outside the bus — you’re above the clouds after all. Yet it’s rather cold when you get out. At the summit of the volcano is even colder if you ascend by the cable car.

So after drinking a glass of coffee, we started to descend along the North slope, but it’s another story.

Look through the entire photo set at Flickr, or watch a slide show.


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