Dragon Tree Park (Parque del Drago)

Icod de los Vinos is a town in the northwest part of Tenerife. The most famous thing about this town is the Thousand-Year-Old Dragon Tree, El Drago Milenario.

Sign to Parque del Drago:
Указатель к парку драконовых деревьев // Sign to Parque del Drago 1

Here it is—Thousand-Year-Old Dragon Tree:
Тысячелетнее драконово дерево // Thousand-year-old Dragon Tree 2

This dragon tree is the largest and the oldest tree of the species Dracaena drago. As it does not display annual rings, the age of the tree cannot be determined exactly. Now the age of the tree is estimated to be around 250 years, not several thousand years as it was previously claimed.

The dragon tree is one of the symbols of Tenerife.

Тысячелетнее драконово дерево // Thousand-year-old Dragon Tree 3
It also rained in Icod de los Vinos: thick clouds were low.

Small dragon trees
Маленькие драконовы деревья // Small dragon trees 4
They does not look similar to the largest one: small crown like a round cap, few branches.

San Marcos church
Iglesia de San Marcos 5
The church is at Plaza de Lorenzo Cáceres, close to the dragon tree park.

It proved we were not in Parque del Drago, we were at this square only. It would be great to walk around these trees and to look the oldest one closer.

Plaza de Lorenzo Cáceres, (around its center):
Plaza de Lorenzo Cáceres 6
If walk along this path, you can see the thousand-year-old dragon tree. (That’s where the photos above were taken.)

Plaza de Lorenzo Cáceres 7
This path leads to the other side of the square.

Rain drops are clearly on the camera lens at these photos: it rained after all.


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