Smurf sees the sights of Lappeenranta


After sleeping well, Smurf had porridge for breakfast and finally drank tea with croissant:
Smurf eats porridge 1
Smurf drinks tea with croissant 2

And then he went sightseeing.

Beautiful doors of lifts:
Doors of lift in Scandic Patria 3

Smurf at chestnut 4

Memorial to the dead of the Winter and Continuation wars.
Mother Karelia: memorial to the dead of the Winter and Continuation wars 5
The memorial depicts mother carrying her dead son.

Fountain in a square:
Smurf at a fountain 6

One more monument on the square:
Monument Birds of Passage 7
It’s called Birds of Passage. It depicts people who had to leave their homes abroad for a long time after war.

It’s only 208 km to St. Petersburg (Pietari in Finnish):
208 km to St. Petersburg (Pietari) 8

Water Tower, and the old one is hidden inside this new tower:
Water Tower 9

Pedestrian and cycle path to Imatra: It’s only 36 km away.
Pedestrian and cycle path to Imatra 10

Yet Smurf decided to put off ride to Imatra and went into Veteran park. There are many flowers:
Smurf in Forget-Me-Not flowers 11

Saimaa lake:
Saimaa lake 12

Spreading tree:
Spreading tree 13

Smurf thought about swimming in Saimaa lake…
Smurf thinks about swimming in Saimaa lake 14
Yet he concluded the water was too cold.

Here’s the long-awaited lunch:
Smurf's lunch 15

After lunch, he headed to the historical fortress. Smurf steered the gun and flew out of it:
Smurf steers the gun 16
Smurfs flies out of the gun 17

I caught a bird who had just caught its dinner.
A bird with its dinner 18
If I had specially hunted to shoot the bird with its dinner, I’d surely have failed.

Lilac almost shed its blossom, however it’s still beautiful! Two bushes interlace in this place: lilac and white.
Lilac and white bushes of lilac 19

View from the hill to the fountain and the water tower:
Fountain and Water town as seen from a fortress hill 20

From a nearby hill, the tower of our hotel Scandic Patria can been seen:
Tower of Scandic Patria as seen from a fortress hill 21

However, before returning to the hotel, it’s necessary to a supermarket to buy some food for dinner 🙂
Smurf in supermarket 22

Weekend flew by too fast…


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