St. Nicholas (Naval) Cathedral

On the birthday of St. Petersburg, May 26–27, we were at sightseeing around the city and stopped at St. Nicholas Cathedral:
Никольский собор // St. Nicholas Cathedral 1

Никольский собор // St. Nicholas Cathedral 2

There are many small ships heave in Kryukov canal:
Крюков канал + Николькский собор  // Kryukov canal + St. Nicholas Cathedral 3

Экскурсионные теплоходы на Крюковом канале // Sightseeing ships in Kryukov canal 4

Building at the crossing of Rimsky-Korsakov prospekt and Kryukov canal:
д. 41, проспект Римского-Корсакова // House 5

There’s toilette nearby the cathedral:
Туалет // Toilette 6

From the other side of the cathedral one can see seven bridges when standing at the crossing of several canals. One of the bridges is Kransogvardeysky pedestrian bridge:
Красногвардейский пешеходный мост // Pedestrian bridge 7

The beautiful view to the cathedral from this place:
Никольский собор // St. Nicholas Cathedral 8


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