Sphinxes and Griffins

Two ancient Egyptian Sphinxes are located at Universitetskaya Embankment in St. Petersburg:
Сфинкс // Sphinx 1

These sphinxes are about 3.5 thousand years old.
Сфинкс // Sphinx 2

Сфинкс // Sphinx 3
Inscription on their pedestal says: «Сфинксъ изъ древнихъ Θивъ въ Египтѣ. Перевезенъ въ градъ Святаго Петра въ 1832 году.». It translates as “Sphinx is from ancient Egypt. They were brought to Saint Peter’s city in 1832.”

There are Griffins with semicircular benches at the foot of the Sphinxes:
Грифон // Griffin 4

Грифон // Griffin 5

There’s a legend: If you rub Griffin’s ear and reach to its mouth with that same hand, your wish will come true. That’s why Griffins’ ears and heads are always polished.

Sphinxes and Griffins are one of the tourist attractions in St. Petersburg, the newly married couples take pictures here. The Quay with Sphinxes is virtually always crowded.

There are beautiful views to the city from the Quay with Sphinxes.

Blagoveshchensky Bridge:
Благовещенский мост // Blagoveshchensky bridge 6
The name means Annunciation. This bridge is the first permanent bridge across the Neva River. In 1855 it was renamed Nikolayevsky Bridge in the memory of Nicholas I. Since 1918, after the revolution, it was named Lieutenant Schmidt Bridge. After its reconstruction in 2007, the bridge was renamed Blagoveshchensky Bridge again.

View to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, Admiralty building:
Исаакиевский собор, Адмиралтейство // Saint Isaac's Cathedral, Admiralty building 7

Исаакиевский собор // Saint Isaac's Cathedral 8

Адмиралтейство // Admiralty building 9


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