Fountains at Circus at Fontanka

This weekend I and my family were in Bolshoi St. Petersburg State Circus at their new show «Фонтаны в Цирке на Фонтанке», or “Fountains in Circus at Fontanka”.

Цирк Чинизелли // Ciniselli's Circus 1

I tried to find something about the new show in the Internet but I found nothing. We decided to go: after all we like fountains. It was worth it! We liked the show very much. Everything was great, with amazing light and sound

In fact we liked “Fountains in Circus at Fontanka” much more than Saltimbanco show by the famous Cirque du Soleil.

So what about the show?…

All the photos are taken with my mobile phone camera.
Taking pictures during the show is prohibited, yet I decided to take several pictures.

A small sculpture near the main entrance:
Скульптура у входа в цирк // Sculpture at circus entry 2

Before the show started, the circus brass band played at the arena:
Оркестр цирка // Circus orchestra 3

Under circus big top:
Под куполом цирка // Under circus big top 4

Colorful circus arena:
Разноцветная арена цирка // Colorful circus arena 5

The second part started with Eiffel Tower:
Эйфелева башня // Eiffel Tower 6

There were several smaller Eiffel Towers under the big top:
Софиты // Soffits 7

An equilibrist did amazing things on the Eiffel Tower. The smaller ones were lowered. It felt as if in France.

Later it was a real light-and-lazer show with cool music:
Лазерное шоу // Lazer show 8

Лазерное шоу // Lazer show 9

Лазерное шоу // Lazer show 10

The show finished with fountains:
Фонтан в Цирке на Фонтанке // Fountains at Circus at Fontanka 11

It was amazing when the water jet illuminated with different colors reached nearly to the big top.

Фонтаны в Цирке на Фонтанке // Fountains at Circus at Fontanka 12

Фонтаны в Цирке на Фонтанке // Fountains at Circus at Fontanka 13

Фонтаны в Цирке на Фонтанке // Fountains at Circus at Fontanka 14

Definitely I would recommend watching this show!
Surely, you’ll enjoy the show.

By the way, I saw several people in the circus which spoke foreign languages, I mean not Russian.


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