Vacation Summary

I apologize for being quiet for so long.

It started with vacation. Then I returned back to work, and traffic jams stop me from getting home earlier so that I have enough time to sort out photos and write blog posts.

Anyway, here’s a summary of where I was during my vacation.

  1. Vacation started with 7-day trip to Finland:
    1. In Helsinki:
      • We visited Olympic Stadium Tower to look over the city. One can see straight lines of streets, neat houses, and large stones.
      • There were lots of flowers nearby the Olympic Stadium. That place proved to be Winter Garden. You could already have seen a photo from it.
      • Other places were Linnanmäki amusement park and Serena water park. These are must-visit places.
    2. Then in Tampere:
      • At last, in our third visit to Tampere, we walked around the city center, along the Tammerkoski embankment.
      • Visited Arboretum and Rose Garden in Hatanpäänpuisto. We spent a lot of time in the Rose Garden, looking at the roses, smelling them, and taking pictures.
      • One day we spent entirely in Särkänniemi adventure park.
    3. In Lahti:
      • Vesiurut (Water Organ), a musical fountain. It was the only city attraction we visited. We walked around the Pikku-Vesijärvi lake.
        A pouring rain caught us in Lahti, we were all wet…
    4. Vierumäki:
      • The hotel was in Vierumäki, near Lahti. The Sport Institute of Finland is located there.
        In the morning, we took a short walk to the lakes. I swam in Valkjärvi lake, it was for the last time this year.
  2. During a small break at home, we visited Sand Sculptures festival at the beach of Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg. This year’s theme was animation. For the first time, some of the sculptures had color details.
  3. A short trip to Moscow:
    1. “Pharmaceutical garden” (Аптекарский огород), branch of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University. Actually we wanted to visit to the Botanical Garden of MSU, yet unfortunately there were no excursions that day.
    2. A walk at Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy gory, Воробьевы горы).
    3. Tsaritsyno park (Царицыно). It’s my favorite place in Moscow. This time we didn’t walk in park much but rather enjoyed the dancing fountain.
    4. Moscow Zoo. This time we finally got to the new area of the zoo.
    5. We meet our online friends in Moscow. It was wonderful!
      And walked along the city, from Pushkinskaya Square along Tverskaya Street up to Manezhnaya Square.
    6. After this walk, we headed to the airport Vnukovo.
  4. The last stop was in Berlin, Germany:
    1. On our first day in Berlin, we went to the zoo, Zoologischer Garten. It proved to be very close to our hotel.
    2. In the evening we met with Eduard Gavailer, the blogger writing about Berlin and more.
      He marked the places worth visiting on the map.
    3. The next day we had a very long walk around the city: Potsdamer Platz with a viewing point, Brandenburger Tor, Unter den Linden Straße, Alexanderplatz. By the evening we were unable to walk any more, so we took subway to get home.
    4. We started the third day in Botanischer Garten. There was a special marked trail to see the most interesting plants of the summer.
    5. We tried to get to Bundestag. There was a large queue for registration so we decided to move on and have another try the next day.
    6. Thus we walked along Spree¹ to the Central Station, Hauptbahnhof. It’s a large station with several levels, the trains always come and go.
    7. On the last day in Berlin, we went to Bundestag² once again. The queue was even longer. So we went to Siegessäule, Victory Column, through Tiergarten.
    8. Visited SeaLife. It turned out to be smaller than we expected, nevertheless it was a wonderful journey to the sea depths. Unfortunately AquaDom was out-of-order that day.
    9. Our final stop was Checkpoint Charlie where the history of Berlin Wall comes alive.
  5. The following we were on the road: a plane from Berlin to Moscow, and a Sapsan train to St. Petersburg.

That was the vacation 2012.

¹ It was a bit of surprise that Berlin was on a river, despite the fact I studied German for seven years in school.

² Tip: you can register online to visit Bundestag in two days prior the visit.


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