Moscow that never sleeps can be a soul mate

When I was in Moscow this August, I couldn’t help remembering Meghan’s post “I’ve found my soul mate” about Moscow:

I’ve found my soul mate… in the form of a city. Maybe that makes it my soulcity?

Surprisingly, I’m talking about Moscow. Yes, Moscow of “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears”. A place I imagined to be cold and hard and dark. It is anything but that.

Moscow is full of energy and color. This time of year, it smells of lilac and cigarette smoke. The pace is fast and the traffic is heavy. Everything is on a grand scale (buildings, cathedrals, stretch limos), and everything is a reminder of the past. I saw nothing of the darkness and gloom that I’d imagined; the energy of the city (at least as I perceived it) felt upbeat and alive and even youthful.

Moscow is an energetic city, it never sleeps, it’s always in motion. At the same time there are many parks where you can relax.

Moscow is not limited to the Red Square, quite the opposite — I don’t like it much, as it’s too crowded, too famous. My most favorite place is Tsaritsyno. I’ve fallen in love with it since the first time I saw Tsaritsyno. It’s a large park with palaces, ponds… Recently a dancing fountain was built.
Танцующий фонтан // Dancing fountain

In the evening it gets colorful illumination, it’s like a musical show of water and color.
Танцующий фонтан // Dancing fountain

So if you think Moscow, and Russia in general, is a gloomy place, think again.


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