Helsinki City Winter Garden: Rosarium

It’s “spring”, temperature is about −11°C in the morning… I’m longing for the sun and warmth. And it’s about time to show photos from Winter Garden in Helsinki, more exactly from rosarium in the courtyard of the Winter Garden.
(Helsinki City Winter Garden, Helsingin Kaupungin Talvipuutarha, Helsingfors Stads Vinterträdgård)

We drove and then saw lots of roses. Of course we couldn’t pass such a place by.

Зимний сад // Winter garden: Rosa ‘Sommerwind’ 1

Rosa ‘Red Eden Rose’ 2

Rosa ‘Sommerwind’ 3

Rosa ‘Sebastian Kneipp’ 4

Rosa ‘Bella Rosa’ 5

Rosa ‘Bella Rosa’ 6

Rosa ‘Schneewittchen’ 7

Rosa ‘Kosmos’ 8

Rosa ‘Queen of Hearts’ 9

Rosa ‘Queen of Hearts’ 10

Rosa ‘Queen of Hearts’ 11

Rosa ‘Gold Marie’ 12

Rosa ‘Gold Marie’ 13

Rosa ‘Gold Marie’ 14

Rosa ‘Gold Marie’ 15

Rosa ‘Bremer Stadtmusikanten’ 16

Rosa ‘Bremer Stadtmusikanten’ 17

Rosa ‘Bremer Stadtmusikanten’, ‘Karen Blixen’, ‘Kotiliesi’ (Ballade) 18

This is the Winter Garden. There’s a statue in the memory of the donator in front of it.
Зимний сад // Winter garden 19

We didn’t visit the greenhouse since it was closed already.

A small park full of roses:
Зимний сад // Winter garden 20

Синий цветок // Blue flower 21

Bumblebee in blue flower:
Шмель в синем цветке // Bumblebee in blue flower 22

Синий цветок // Blue flower 23

Розовый цветок // Pink flowers 24

When we left, the sun looked out, and the photos became more bright.

Rosa ‘Bella Rosa’ 25

Rosa ‘Bella Rosa’ 26

Rosa ‘Bella Rosa’ 27

Красные и розовые розы // Red and pink roses 28

Rosa ‘Ingrid Bergman’ 29

Rosa ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ 30

Rosa ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ 31

Winter Garden Open:
Tuesday 9am–3pm
Wednesday–Friday 12pm–3pm
Saturday–Sunday 12pm–4pm
Monday closed

Winter Garden is located near Olympic Stadium.


Hammarskjöldintie 1, 00250 Helsinki.

There’s also entrance to rosarium at Helsinginkatu.


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