Cat Museum

Recently I visited Cat Museum
Музей кошки // Cat museum 1

I’ve never heard of it before. Therefore it was very interesting to see it.

Cat Museum is located in Vsevolozhsk (Всеволожск), near St. Petersburg, in a two-storied house.
Музей кошки // Cat museum 2

Since the museum is small, it works on request only. For more information read my post in Russian, look at museum group VKontakte, or ask me in comments.

There are cat paws on window frames of the museum:
Окно музея кошки // Window of cat museum 3

As soon as you enter the door of the museum, you get into world of cats. You’ll know many interesting facts about cats, their history, about how they appeared in Russia and St. Petersburg Hermitage… For example, do you know that cat was a luxury?

There are lots of cats on the shelves:
Коты на полках // Cats on shelf 4

Коты на полках // Cats on shelf 5

Коты на полках // Cats on shelf 6

Коты на полках // Cats on shelf 7

On the 2nd floor, you’ll see the Green (Magical) Oak:
Волшебный дуб // Magical oak 8

It hints about Pushkin’s poem “Ruslan and Ludmila”:

“On seashore far a green oak towers,
And to it with a gold chain bound,
A learned cat whiles away the hours
By walking slowly round and round.”

Children would enjoy an interactive program here.

Walking further through the corridor, you’ll see “cat” fence, remember proverbs with cats, learn about valerian, catmint, and other meanings of word «кошка» (cat).

You’ll also see inhabitants of the museum—cats:
Кот в кресле // Cat in chair 9

Circus cat and long knitted cat:
Коты-игрушки // Toy cats 10

There are cat horoscope and cat constellation in the background.

…And cat follows them back to front (…«А за ними кот задом наперед», it refers to another Russian fairy-tale)
…А за ними кот задом наперед 11

Игрушки // Toys 12

Cat’s house:
Дом с котами // House with cats 13

Воздушный змей // Kite 14

It’s raining cats:
Дождь из котов // It’s raining cats 15

There’s even a giraffe in the cat museum:
Жираф // Giraffe 16

Кошки // Cats 17

Porcelain cat:
Фарфоровый кот // Porcelain cat 18

Фарфоровый кот // Porcelain cat 19

Cats musicians:
Коты-музыканты // Cats musicians 20

Картины с котами // Paintings with cats 21

Музей кошки // Cat museum 22

Эмблема музея кошки // Emblem of cat museum 23

This museum is small, yet very cosy. I liked it.
Children would definitely like it.


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