Red Pond

At the end of March we went for walk into Lomonosov park… to feed ducks, but I’ll tell later about this. We went to the park along Red Pond, Красный пруд.

Красный пруд // Red pond 1

Разлив // “Flood” 2
River Karasta’s water is “spilled” on the ice.

Красный пруд // Red pond 3

Красный пруд // Red pond 4

Красный пруд // Red pond 5
The banks of the pond almost close up here.

Красный пруд // Red pond 6

Since it was still cold and the ice was thick, skiers skied across the ice of the pond.
Лыжники // Skiers 7

Лыжники // Skiers 8

Мост // Bridge 9
Behind this bridge the river Karasta runs through a cascade and then flows into the Lower pond in Lomonosov park.

The park starts behind this bridge. Yet the entrance to the park is closed here, and we walked further.

Power lines
Линии электропередачи // Power line 10
There’s a bird at the top of one of the pylons.

Further we walked along Ilikovsky avenue. There are beautiful houses:
Дом // House 11

Дом // House 12

Дом // House 13

Soon we’ll go the park. Stay tuned.


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