Pull-up Achievement

Подтягивание // Pull-up
Beach at Shams Safaga, Safaga, Egypt May 2009

There’s a pull-up bar in the office. In the morning I regularly visit it and occasionally during the day. This Tuesday I must have been a little crazy… During the day, I made 7 or 8 sets, I lost my counts, doing 10–12 pull-ups. Altogether I pulled myself up about 80 times that day. Arm muscles did not hurt, apparently they got accustomed to pull-ups. At the same time my hands hurt, I rubbed them sore against the pull-up bar.

Actually now I am trying to add more sport-like activity into my daily routine. I make myself use stairs instead of elevator both in the apartment block and in the office. In the evening I do sit-ups to tighten my abdominal muscles. Also I do push-ups. It turned out that the number of push-up had lowered to 10–15, some time ago 30 push-ups was just right. On the other hand, I haven’t done push-ups for a very long time.

I felt how many muscles are in my body. It was a pleasant sensation though.

What’s important now is to keep it up! Summer comes soon with beach season… I’d like to lose about 5 kg that I gained during autumn and winter. And it’s always good to keep yourself fit. I think I feel even better now.

How many pull-ups can you do? What about push-ups?
Do you do any exercises?


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