Updated Flickr

On May 20, 2013 Flickr changed dramatically: A better, brighter Flickr. It keeps the pace with modern design trends: “content is the king” — you see only photos, everything else is hidden.


Photostream page reminds Facebook. There’s a large cover spanning along the screen, avatar is on the left and small navigation strip. Photos stream below the cover. The titles of photos are hidden, and shown when hovering with mouse. There’s no place for photo description any more… Group pools were re-designed similarly some time ago.

Loading a page requires more CPU and memory resources: the page is generated in browser by JavaScript rather than on the server.

The first page of photostream displayed collections (sets of sets) or sets. Their titles and main photographs could draw visitor’s attention… Sets are still in navigation strip, yet collections are well hidden.

Photo page

Photo page is also minimalistic: only the photo on black background. The title is under the photo. To the description and comments, you have to scroll the page down. There’s also information about the place where the photo was taken (however, the map is gone), camera model and view count. The list of tags and the list of sets and groups is on the right (under the photo).

New design

Quite nice! Unusual. I think I would like it. Although some readily available information in the old design is hidden now, and I have to scroll the page to know more about the photo. On the other hand, it’s the world trend to remove “redundant” interface elements. You’re here to view a photo, and it takes the largest area on the screen.

Free account

The most important thing in this update is new limits of free accounts. Many paid account features are available to free accounts now:

  • 1 TB storage (was 100 MB a month)
  • Download full original quality (only paid had this)
  • Create collections (only paid had this)

The storage is enough to keep 436,906 photos at 8 Mpx or 249,660 photos at 14 Mpx.

Since 2009, I’ve uploaded 921 photos.


What happens to Pro-account?

You can no longer purchase a Pro account, as many of its features are now part of free account. You have an option to stay with Pro subscription or to switch to free account.

The perks of Pro:

  • Unlimited storage for photos and videos
  • Ad Free
  • Detailed view statistics

At the same time, Pro price was twice as low as the current Ad Free.

I’m keeping my Pro subscription.

Your opinion

I think Flickr free offer is pretty good! Does it suit to store your photo archive?

What do you think about the new design?


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