At the top of the world

На вершине мира // At the top of the world

On May 2, I and my family were in Repovesi national park in Finland, near Kouvola. We walking along the fox path (Ketunlenkki), its length is 5 km.

The path goes to the top of a rock, you are above the nearby trees. So beautiful!

Every muscle in my body hurt when we got back to the hotel. I have to go for a walk more often 🙂
I’d really like to walk along this path once again or along longer paths, preferably in summer when the weather is warmer. 🙂


Helsinki City Winter Garden: Rosarium

It’s “spring”, temperature is about −11°C in the morning… I’m longing for the sun and warmth. And it’s about time to show photos from Winter Garden in Helsinki, more exactly from rosarium in the courtyard of the Winter Garden.
(Helsinki City Winter Garden, Helsingin Kaupungin Talvipuutarha, Helsingfors Stads Vinterträdgård)

We drove and then saw lots of roses. Of course we couldn’t pass such a place by.

Зимний сад // Winter garden: Rosa ‘Sommerwind’ 1

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Vacation Summary

I apologize for being quiet for so long.

It started with vacation. Then I returned back to work, and traffic jams stop me from getting home earlier so that I have enough time to sort out photos and write blog posts.

Anyway, here’s a summary of where I was during my vacation.
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Pink Clouds

Розовые облака // Pink clouds

That day, on July 31, for the second time I was late for taking pictures of the setting sun: It had hidden beyond the forest.
Yet the colors of the clouds were amazing: from pink, orange to violet. At the same time the sky changed its color from pink to bright blue.

It was chilly, nevertheless I swam in the lake after shooting. It felt so great although the water was also cold.