Runkeeper Global 5k

Runkeeper Global 5k

Although it was raining that day, last Sunday, on December 6, 2015, I took part in Runkeeper Global 5k.

I was walking rather than running. It counted too. It was cool!

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Snow on April 23

Everyone writes about snow, and I will write too.

It was snowing today. In the morning it just rained, later it started to snow. When I came to the office, snow flakes were falling slowly:
Снег 23 апреля // Snow on April 23

And now the sun is shining.

View from the office (to remember)

Вид из офиса // View from the office

This photo illustrates sunny and frosty weather that were in St. Petersburg last week.
It’s also a view to remember the office where I have been working for a little bit more than 2 years. Look out of the window: lots of industrial buildings in the bright sun light, white snow on roofs, smoke/steam from chimneys, and bright blue sky.

Another chapter of life has come to an end.
This is how I’ll remember this place.

Updated Flickr

On May 20, 2013 Flickr changed dramatically: A better, brighter Flickr. It keeps the pace with modern design trends: “content is the king” — you see only photos, everything else is hidden.


Photostream page reminds Facebook. There’s a large cover spanning along the screen, avatar is on the left and small navigation strip. Photos stream below the cover. The titles of photos are hidden, and shown when hovering with mouse. There’s no place for photo description any more… Group pools were re-designed similarly some time ago.

Loading a page requires more CPU and memory resources: the page is generated in browser by JavaScript rather than on the server.

The first page of photostream displayed collections (sets of sets) or sets. Their titles and main photographs could draw visitor’s attention… Sets are still in navigation strip, yet collections are well hidden.

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