Rain and Sun

The weather was changeable this evening: rain, downpour, sun, and rainbow…

While I drove home, I saw rainbow. The sun was shining, and it was raining at the same time.

Later the sky cleared, the rain stopped, and road became nearly dry…
The fields and trees were flooded by the bright and warm sunlight. And there were dark clouds above them.

The road turned one more time, and here I was — in downpour again. It rained heavily in Lomonosov.

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Bitter orange, a symbol of Oranienbaum

Bitter orange (Russian померанцевое дерево) is a symbol of Lomonosov, a town near St. Petersburg, Russia. Previously it was called Oranienbaum, which translates as orange tree from German.

Last year, when Lomonosov celebrated its 300 anniversary, a sculpture of bitter orange was erected:
Померанцевое дерево

It is situated in park of Lomonosov, in front of (Menshikov’s) Great Palace.

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