Yellow leaf

Yellow leaf

This photo is not original: just a fallen yellow leaf of maple on still green grass — what could be more trite? Yet it reflects that autumn comes into its own. Leaves on trees are becoming yellow and falling. Grass on fields is dried-up, and forest in distance became multicolored, the quantity of green reduces gradually.

The sky is more often cloudy, and sometimes it pours all day long…

That day was sunny, but it was very cold at the same time. And here’s this yellow leaf as a symbol of autumn. Dew drops are seen on the leaf after a colder night, and shaking blades of grass cast “dancing” shadows.


Autumn Trees

The autumn in St. Petersburg comes to its end already. This week it was raining for two days in a row. It’s getting colder every day.

The trees are still colorful:
Autumn trees // Осенние деревья

This photo was taken back in September, 2008 in Ekaterininsky park, Pushkin. And I still like it very much! It pictures the autumn that I like: bright with vibrant colors under the sunshine.

It miss these colors when it becomes gray and then white… Yet most of all I like summer…