Boiler house in the sun

Котельная в лучах солнца // Boiler house in the sun

It’s the middle of March, yet it’s very cold. Today morning the temperature was −10°С. The sky was almost clear, and the rising sun shaded everything with warm colors.

Of course I couldn’t help taking a picture… And I like the result!


View from the office (to remember)

Вид из офиса // View from the office

This photo illustrates sunny and frosty weather that were in St. Petersburg last week.
It’s also a view to remember the office where I have been working for a little bit more than 2 years. Look out of the window: lots of industrial buildings in the bright sun light, white snow on roofs, smoke/steam from chimneys, and bright blue sky.

Another chapter of life has come to an end.
This is how I’ll remember this place.