Church of the Epiphany in scaffolding

Богоявленская церковь в лесах // Church of the Epiphany in scaffolding

It’s rather chilly, −3°C, yet sunny morning. The Church of the Epiphany “shines” brightly in the sun although it’s partly hidden in scaffolding. It looks gloomily when it’s cloudy.


Project Weather: Church of the Epiphany

Богоявленская церковь // Church of the Epiphany

I already showed this photo in this blog, yet I have one more reason to do so.

The thing is this photo is now in the pool of Project Weather group. Photos from this group are used to showcase weather conditions in Yahoo Weather app.

Admins wrote me a message at Flickr with an invitation to add this photo to the group. Moderation process took several months and now this photo is in the group pool. Hence users of Yahoo Weather could see this photo by day in cloudy weather, if they’re nearby.