Frosty morning

Морозное утро // Frosty morning
Winter has finally come: everything is white, earth is covered with soft snow, branches of trees are covered with fluffy snowflakes. It’s −12°C. The sun is shining. It’s dazzlingly bright outside because the sun light reflects from white snow and white trees. Rarely snowflakes fall from above shimmering in the sun, it feels like fairytale.

Actually it was yesterday, I just couldn’t publish the post earlier.


Bright Flower

Яркий цветок // Bright flower

Winter is gray this year in St. Petersburg, there are no snow at all, and the temperature is about +5°C. It rains often…

This bright photo taken in September 2008 in Tunisia is a great way to remind the colors of nature will be back…

Pussy Willow

Do you know that… pussy willow is goat willow (lat. Sálix cáprea).

The name … probably derive from the first known illustration of the species… where the plant is shown being browsed by a goat. The species were historically also widely used as a browse for goats…

Its white and furry catkins appear before the leaves:
Верба // Pussy willow

Later, when pollen releases, catkins become yellow:
Цветущая верба // Yellow pussy willow

These are male catkins.

Female catkins do not look as attractive:
Female catkin of pussy willow, goat willow