At the top of the world

На вершине мира // At the top of the world

On May 2, I and my family were in Repovesi national park in Finland, near Kouvola. We walking along the fox path (Ketunlenkki), its length is 5 km.

The path goes to the top of a rock, you are above the nearby trees. So beautiful!

Every muscle in my body hurt when we got back to the hotel. I have to go for a walk more often 🙂
I’d really like to walk along this path once again or along longer paths, preferably in summer when the weather is warmer. 🙂


Red Pond

At the end of March we went for walk into Lomonosov park… to feed ducks, but I’ll tell later about this. We went to the park along Red Pond, Красный пруд.

Красный пруд // Red pond 1

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Moscow that never sleeps can be a soul mate

When I was in Moscow this August, I couldn’t help remembering Meghan’s post “I’ve found my soul mate” about Moscow:

I’ve found my soul mate… in the form of a city. Maybe that makes it my soulcity?

Surprisingly, I’m talking about Moscow. Yes, Moscow of “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears”. A place I imagined to be cold and hard and dark. It is anything but that.

Moscow is full of energy and color. This time of year, it smells of lilac and cigarette smoke. The pace is fast and the traffic is heavy. Everything is on a grand scale (buildings, cathedrals, stretch limos), and everything is a reminder of the past. I saw nothing of the darkness and gloom that I’d imagined; the energy of the city (at least as I perceived it) felt upbeat and alive and even youthful.

Moscow is an energetic city, it never sleeps, it’s always in motion. At the same time there are many parks where you can relax.

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Vacation Summary

I apologize for being quiet for so long.

It started with vacation. Then I returned back to work, and traffic jams stop me from getting home earlier so that I have enough time to sort out photos and write blog posts.

Anyway, here’s a summary of where I was during my vacation.
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Dragon Tree Park (Parque del Drago)

Icod de los Vinos is a town in the northwest part of Tenerife. The most famous thing about this town is the Thousand-Year-Old Dragon Tree, El Drago Milenario.

Sign to Parque del Drago:
Указатель к парку драконовых деревьев // Sign to Parque del Drago 1

Here it is—Thousand-Year-Old Dragon Tree:
Тысячелетнее драконово дерево // Thousand-year-old Dragon Tree 2

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Pueblo Chico

From the National Park of Teide we headed to La Orotava, a city on the North of Tenerife, to miniature park Pueblo Chico.

Parque Temático Pueblo Chico 1

«Pueblo Chico» translates from Spanish as «small town». Sure, after entering the park, you become a giant.

All the major places of interest in Canary Islands are presented in miniature in this park.

Unfortunately, the weather was bad, it rained all the time. There are rain drops on the camera lens at some photos.

So let’s walk along the park.

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