Rain and Sun

The weather was changeable this evening: rain, downpour, sun, and rainbow…

While I drove home, I saw rainbow. The sun was shining, and it was raining at the same time.

Later the sky cleared, the rain stopped, and road became nearly dry…
The fields and trees were flooded by the bright and warm sunlight. And there were dark clouds above them.

The road turned one more time, and here I was — in downpour again. It rained heavily in Lomonosov.

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Rainy Sky

Дождливое небо // Rainy sky

Yesterday’s morning was rainy. It really poured from sky in St. Petersburg.

There were rain stripes: when I went to the office, sometimes road was almost flooded by rain and windscreen wipers hardly managed to clear the view; in another moment the rain stopped instantly, the road was dry except for water cars carried on their wheels.

The same happened to the sky: there were both dark clouds and almost clear patches. It was beautiful.

Scarlet Sails 2012… in the rain

Scarlet Sails 2012 in St. Petersburg We were going to the traditional celebration of graduating from school – “Scarlet Sails”. We wanted to see fireworks and, if lucky enough, the ship with the scarlet sails.

Yet the rain made these plans void. It’s not so great to watch fireworks when it’s raining…

But you can see how it was in 2011.
The 5th channel is airing the show live.

“Scarlet Sails 2012” in the pouring rain.