Rain and Sun

The weather was changeable this evening: rain, downpour, sun, and rainbow…

While I drove home, I saw rainbow. The sun was shining, and it was raining at the same time.

Later the sky cleared, the rain stopped, and road became nearly dry…
The fields and trees were flooded by the bright and warm sunlight. And there were dark clouds above them.

The road turned one more time, and here I was — in downpour again. It rained heavily in Lomonosov.

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Two hours ago I took the pictures of clouds, and soon I ran for my camera again. It was pouring, and then the sun came out. Bright rainbow appeared, and it was so close — just across the road… Amazing! It is usually farther.

It didn’t fit entirely so I have two its ends:
Радуга // Rainbow

Unfortunately the right end faded. But the left end is bright:
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