Russian Language & Usage Q&A site

The new Russian Language & Usage Stack Exchange site is now open to the public!

After just 13 days in private beta, we’ve already got 158 users who have asked 90 questions and written 215 answers. We’re off to a good start, and it’s time to unleash this baby on the public and see if it flies. (Sorry; mixed metaphor.)

Tell all your friends, blog about it, tweet about it, and write the URL ( in chalk on the sidewalk in front of your neighbor’s house. Or paint. No, never mind, better use chalk.

Most importantly, go to the site now and start earning reputation and badges! We’ll see you there! Right now! <– that is the URL again <– it has not changed in the last 10 microseconds

All the best,
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Those who learn Russian definitely have questions about it: whether it’s the right word to use, whether it’s the right context for this word… You ask it! And other people will answer it.

So if you’re interested in Russian, check out Russian Language & Usage Q&A site by Stack Exchange network. It’s absolutely free. You don’t even have to register to view the questions and their answers.

To ask or to answer a question, you’ll have to register. You can create a new Stack Exchange account or use an existing account, any OpenID-enabled service can provide you an identity without having to create a new login/password pair. This account can be later used at any site of the Stack Exchange network.


Russian Language Day

June 6 is the Day of the Russian Language.

This day marks the birthday of Alexander Pushkin (June 6, 1799). Pushkin is considered to be the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature.

In 2011 president Medvedev signed the decree which declared June 6 as the Day of the Russian Language. The decree says it was passed “with the goal to preserve, support and develop the Russian language as an all-nation heritage of people of the Russian Federation, a tool for international communication and an inseparable part of cultural and spiritual world heritage.” #