Summer continues: Χανιά, Κρήτη, Ελλάδα

Summer does not end in several days for us: we’re flying to Crete island. We’ll live near Chania. There will be hot sun, caressing warm sea, warm sand and beautiful sunrises.

Sun and surf // Солнце и прибой
It was sunrise at Crete in 2010.


Rainy Sky

Дождливое небо // Rainy sky

Yesterday’s morning was rainy. It really poured from sky in St. Petersburg.

There were rain stripes: when I went to the office, sometimes road was almost flooded by rain and windscreen wipers hardly managed to clear the view; in another moment the rain stopped instantly, the road was dry except for water cars carried on their wheels.

The same happened to the sky: there were both dark clouds and almost clear patches. It was beautiful.