When the sky is clear, I watch sunrise while I drive to the office. And it happened quite often recent two weeks. Sunrise is different each time, and it’s always beautiful.

This morning the sunrise looked like this:
Рассвет // Sunrise

The higher the sun rose, the more there were clouds in the sky. And the sun joyfully winked out of the clouds.

The smell of spring is in the air…

Pussy Willow

Do you know that… pussy willow is goat willow (lat. Sálix cáprea).

The name … probably derive from the first known illustration of the species… where the plant is shown being browsed by a goat. The species were historically also widely used as a browse for goats…

Its white and furry catkins appear before the leaves:
Верба // Pussy willow

Later, when pollen releases, catkins become yellow:
Цветущая верба // Yellow pussy willow

These are male catkins.

Female catkins do not look as attractive:
Female catkin of pussy willow, goat willow