Blue Island cocktail

For an unknown reason, recently this photo has become the most viewed one from my photostream at Flickr.

Blue Island cocktail
Blue Island cocktail

Summer is a vacation time, and people seem to search for sea, beach, wave, and Greece

By the way, I am in Greece according to many location service :)) I wish I were there.

I took this photo last year when we were at Crete.


Crete 2013 diary

ΜάλεμεМореДва дня на море // Two days at the seaСмурфик на море // Smurf at the seaБольшие волны // Large wavesОстров Грамвуса // Gramvousa island
Бухта Балос // Balos  lagoonFalasarna beachElafonisiРозовый песочек Элафониси // Pink sands of ElafonisiMarathi beachПляж Превели: скала // Preveli beach: rock
Превели: пальмовый пляж // Preveli: palm beachДождь и облачно // Rainy and cloudyПослеобеденное солнце // Afternoon sunBlue Island cocktailСолнце только что встало // The sun has just risenКрасный флаг // Red flag
Бушующее море // Raging seaLouis Creta PrincessMaleme - the end

Crete 2013 diary, a set on Flickr.

During my family vacation at Crete in Louis Creta Princess hotel this year, I tried to share my impressions without putting off. Almost all the photos above have a short description of what I saw and where I was.

Watch Crete 2013 diary set in slide-show mode.

I liked to keep a photo-diary like this, preserving the freshest impressions, while they are brightest.

Vacation Summary

I apologize for being quiet for so long.

It started with vacation. Then I returned back to work, and traffic jams stop me from getting home earlier so that I have enough time to sort out photos and write blog posts.

Anyway, here’s a summary of where I was during my vacation.
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Pink Clouds

Розовые облака // Pink clouds

That day, on July 31, for the second time I was late for taking pictures of the setting sun: It had hidden beyond the forest.
Yet the colors of the clouds were amazing: from pink, orange to violet. At the same time the sky changed its color from pink to bright blue.

It was chilly, nevertheless I swam in the lake after shooting. It felt so great although the water was also cold.