Project Weather: Church of the Epiphany

Богоявленская церковь // Church of the Epiphany

I already showed this photo in this blog, yet I have one more reason to do so.

The thing is this photo is now in the pool of Project Weather group. Photos from this group are used to showcase weather conditions in Yahoo Weather app.

Admins wrote me a message at Flickr with an invitation to add this photo to the group. Moderation process took several months and now this photo is in the group pool. Hence users of Yahoo Weather could see this photo by day in cloudy weather, if they’re nearby.


Blue Island cocktail

For an unknown reason, recently this photo has become the most viewed one from my photostream at Flickr.

Blue Island cocktail
Blue Island cocktail

Summer is a vacation time, and people seem to search for sea, beach, wave, and Greece

By the way, I am in Greece according to many location service :)) I wish I were there.

I took this photo last year when we were at Crete.

Crete 2013 diary

ΜάλεμεМореДва дня на море // Two days at the seaСмурфик на море // Smurf at the seaБольшие волны // Large wavesОстров Грамвуса // Gramvousa island
Бухта Балос // Balos  lagoonFalasarna beachElafonisiРозовый песочек Элафониси // Pink sands of ElafonisiMarathi beachПляж Превели: скала // Preveli beach: rock
Превели: пальмовый пляж // Preveli: palm beachДождь и облачно // Rainy and cloudyПослеобеденное солнце // Afternoon sunBlue Island cocktailСолнце только что встало // The sun has just risenКрасный флаг // Red flag
Бушующее море // Raging seaLouis Creta PrincessMaleme - the end

Crete 2013 diary, a set on Flickr.

During my family vacation at Crete in Louis Creta Princess hotel this year, I tried to share my impressions without putting off. Almost all the photos above have a short description of what I saw and where I was.

Watch Crete 2013 diary set in slide-show mode.

I liked to keep a photo-diary like this, preserving the freshest impressions, while they are brightest.

Updated Flickr

On May 20, 2013 Flickr changed dramatically: A better, brighter Flickr. It keeps the pace with modern design trends: “content is the king” — you see only photos, everything else is hidden.


Photostream page reminds Facebook. There’s a large cover spanning along the screen, avatar is on the left and small navigation strip. Photos stream below the cover. The titles of photos are hidden, and shown when hovering with mouse. There’s no place for photo description any more… Group pools were re-designed similarly some time ago.

Loading a page requires more CPU and memory resources: the page is generated in browser by JavaScript rather than on the server.

The first page of photostream displayed collections (sets of sets) or sets. Their titles and main photographs could draw visitor’s attention… Sets are still in navigation strip, yet collections are well hidden.

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